Tuesday, October 9, 2012

piwi's party

hey guys 
next party is piwi's party , yeah i feel like party all days long, she celebrate her party on Malibu steak restaurant , aah love the steak on Malibu restaurant so tasty, you should try it <3 <3 anyway i know is kind a late for a galaxy print mode  but i admit it galaxy is cool i found this galaxy shoes on UP , so in love with this shoes, not because of the pattern but the model too thanks UP shoes and i found this hot collar on stellar neckwear  check out they new collection guys <3 <3

THJANKS PIWI for the awesome party !!!


what i wore : top - vintage , flare skirt - LOOKS boutique , shoes - I WEAR UP , collar - stellar neckwear, clutch - chanel

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LOVE, riestyaap

Sunday, October 7, 2012

fresh look

hey guys , happy sunday all:)
yeah i've told you right ? i'll post about my friends sweet seventeen party, the next party is nia's sweet seventeen party at Padi restaurant, she is the one who wear the purple color , because purple is her fav. color, and then the dresscode is white, and i said 'what ? white again ?' if i wear the white dress is too plain then i mix my look with something that have fresh color , i mix with ORANGE color. FYI almost of this cloth were made by handmade , handmade bustier and handmade skirt and it's all cost under 100 IDR , how cheap right? and we can get dress look so pretty , so if you can do it by handmade why you don't try it ? 

 do you remember her? she is maya, now she wear hijab 

what i wore : flower bustier and white skirt - handmade , blazer - vintage , shoes - KMASTERPIECE , black clutch - chanel 

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thanks nia for the awesome party :)
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LOVE ,riestyaap

Friday, October 5, 2012

bima's party

how your days guys?
on my last post i already told you that i will post about my daily look , so after dike's party i went to bima 17th party, actually he is the captain of boys team of my basketball team ( B-BEAM) and my best friend for hang out . so he celebrate his party at his house in batu, you know batu is so cold so i just mix my ordinary cloth and surely warm. anyway i found this navajo tank from JIRAVEdc , their product are awesome love it , they just not sell cloth they already sell accessories like collar, necklace and many other you can check it on their twitter for their recent update JIRAVEdc , and i found this green gorgeous  shoes at adorable project, you can check their collection was really 'adorable'

what i wore : blazer - retailtheraphy , navajo tank -JIRAVEdc , pants and clutch - vintage , shoes - adorable project

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LOVE, riestyaap