Saturday, August 4, 2012

happy birthday to me

hey guys it's been a month i'm not posting so sorry , anyway yesterday it was my birthday :) my SWEET 17 birthday hah it so fast now i'm already 17 fells like yesterday i'm just celebrate my 16 birthday now already 17 , one year fell so sahur time my sister give me surprise by giving me this cake, those candle are so cute >__< haha then i'm going to school after that i get trap by my best friend from b.beam and b.engines and this is the story ,first i'm hear from the announcement from the speacker from my school that my car was block the street, then i move my car to another place, then i go back to yard of my school to play basketball, after that i just found my car in front of my school i that tireless ( 4 of them) and full of scratch and smell stink by the water and mix by condiment from pounded or we call in indonesia "terasi" , iuh~ so stink then my friend give the water mix to my body grr then i ran to my friend and hug them in order to they fell stink as i am haha then they give me those cake , love you b.beam and b.engines

  i'm crying because i can't find the tires and i can't set it to my car, 

i fell tired to run and catch them 

HAPPY SWEET 17 BIRTHDAY TO ME and thank you my family , bbeam , b.engines LOVE YOU GUYS :*

LOVE, riestyaap


  1. What a wonderful 17th brthday!;) Happy birthday to you<33 just found your blog. Mind to follow each other?

    Eka Theresia♥

  2. Hey, great Post. I love your Style, it looks really good! i follow you, if you like my blog follow me back. kiss from germany ;*

  3. you got a good friend, right?
    They love you so much. Happy birthday,.,.


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