Tuesday, June 26, 2012

welcome summer (part 1)

hey guys
welcome summer, yeah it's been so fast and already summer , how fast isn't it? and holiday it's coming yeeeey , and on the last Friday my result comes out, am i be include on major science or social then........... i'm on sciences ahh when i'm hear that i'm on major science i'm so relieved. oh anyway in this photoshoot i took in tidar, malang. yeah on tidar it so cold and windy i don't know why lately Malang became so cold. almost every morning i took my blanket to everywhere when i go haha just kidding. anyway, i think i will spent my holiday for more practice basketball and more posting on my blog , because next July i'll join in tournament(pra popda) that i bring my city(Malang) hah wish me luck :) so in this photos i took it with my besties ayik and maya <3 <3

got this from K MASTERPIECE LINES love it <3 <3

what i wore : jacket jeans - vintage , tank top flower - FOREVER 21, shoes - K MASTERPIECE, blue jegging - vintage , bracelet- online shop

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thank you <3 <3


Tuesday, June 19, 2012


hello guys long time no see >_<
hmm, it's been long long day , i've never post on my blog . lately i'm so busy because of  DBL , final test , and event on my school and there's a lots.  oh btw , sadly my basketball team girl on my school ( srikandi bhawikarsu) only past trough till semi final or in a DBL we call " FANTASTIC FOUR" in south region. Actually i'm disappointed but in semi final school from Malang just from my school, how proud i'am :). 
anyway do you know what bunkasai is? bunkasai is event on my school who had a theme about japanese, so we can see the band, the song, the drama, the food, the cloth and etc. it's all about japan.and my outfit, i mix it with tribal. don't know why , TRIBAL NEVER DIE <3 

love this shoes <3

with ayik 

 with jihan

 look at her , it's like in a cartoon , but it's real ~~

some silly shoot 0,0

what i wore : outer-selish , tank top tribal -misty fox . jeans- vintage, aztec centric wedges - adorable project indonesia

wait for my new post <3
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anyway next post it's all about SUMMER , so wait it :)
thank you <3 

LOVE, riestyaap