Sunday, November 27, 2011

relaxing my mind

hey guys <3
today is Sunday , it's time to relaxing body and mind ,
then my sister and i decided went to THE SISTERS 
it is one of the coziest  and cutest place for hang-out
in THE SISTERS there are a lots kind of pasta :Q__
i always love pasta <3
so delicious , one of my favorite pasta is fettucini <3

 this is so cute >__<

my outfit <3

 this is my sister <3

 how cute >__<

 yummy fettucini <3
this is salmon rosti

what i wore : skirt - tailor's made, top- vintage, cardigan- thrift shop, shoes- centro, bag- .inspired .

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

november rain

hey guys <3
this novmber is rainy month 
and in my city it so cold , <3
i love rain because rain make my mood better 
that's why i love rain .
but i hate, when i forget to bring my umbrella -__- it sucks .
so dont forget to bring umbrella when you go anywhere >_<
anyway i decided to wore sweater for this look <3
to make it warmer 

 combined with some shirt <3

WHAT I WORE : sweater- MANGO , shirt- vintage, short- tailor's made , shoes - SHOEZISME, rings- thrift shop

on my last post , i promise to see how to wear headband from the scarf .
 1). prepare some scarf
 2).then twist the scarf
 3). twist it twice
 4). then tied up on the behind
 5). like this
6). this is it <3

hope it can help you to make it <3

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love, riestyaap

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


hello guys :)
i'm start to relaxing my day :I
by try wearing headband by scarf <3
at first i thought it so hard to make it ,
i try  to googling it ,  after that  i know how to make it <3
anyway, do you now what's the different from my outfit now ?
RIGHT my top !
i just not confident to wear the low top , 
now , i think that was EDGY <3
love it :)

 before ----

 cute <3

what i wore : top- thrift shop , scarf- citra , short- vintage, shoes - june and julia

*NB : next post i will show you how to wear headband by the scarf <3

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love, riestyaap