Friday, March 25, 2011

have fun :)

i love them so much :D
because they are adorable , 
beside they are adorable they edge too :D
awesome isn't it ? 
that's why i love them ..
*nb : btw , i have a lots of  lovely friend .
but my other friend can't come :(
 devinta, ela, fifi, karina, kania, nella, and me :) 
  me : blazer-retail theraphy, shirt-unbranded, skirt-pretty rown,shoes-mr abby
 karina: dress-unbranded, outer-unbranded,hat-bought on sby,shoes-mr.abby
 kania: white shirt-unbranded, shawl-unbranded,pants-unbranded, hat- bought on sby, docmart-ropechain shop
fifi : hat-online shop, shawl-unbranded, belt-ZARA, drees-bought on jogja, oxford shoes-mr.abby
 devinta: hat-ZARA, drees-unbranded, bag-bought on pasar besar, shoes-unbranded
 nella : red blazer- vonny twedes shop, tank-twoone shop, hat-online shop, pants-unbranded, shoes-mr.abby
ela :nmaxi drees-retail theraphy, hat-HARDWARE, bag-bought on pasar besar, shoes-garage shop

folllow my blog, if want to know my new post :D
love you :D

love, riestyaap


  1. All of you look awesome and edgy! :) Gorgeous outfits <3


  2. Omg i miss you and kaniaaa musss!!!!!! :* aku april kemalang lohhhh

    Squippo says Hippo

  3. hahaha aku keliatan tinggi ! #obsesitaksampai
    btw makasih yaa, yak :*

  4. Like your friends outfit, the girl who read blazer!

  5. Love the different hats!
    Pictures are gorgeous :)


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