Tuesday, March 29, 2011

love brown :D

my favorite color is brown :D
because it can be match by any costume :)
brown+ white = ADORABLE :D
never bored brown :D
brown is my favorite color :)

 i heart my adorable shoes from adorable store :D ,
 love the mulbery bag :) , beside the color is brown i love the shape :D
i wear : shirt-ZARA, shawl-unbranded, pants-fabulouss shop ,bag-online shop, shoes-adorable store :D

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love you always :)
xoxo ,

love, riestyaap

Monday, March 28, 2011

heart always

i heart batik :)
as you know batik is from INDONESIA we should keep it :D
 beside that i wear a leopard pattern :)
 i heart my brown oxford shoes , because it so comfort , good and vintage :D
this is a owl bag who the pattern was 'batik' i love it :D , i love it :)

i'm wear : shirt - unbranded, belt- ZARA, pants-unbranded,shoes- mr.abby, owl bag-bought on jogja :)

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love you always :D

love, riestyaap

Friday, March 25, 2011

have fun :)

i love them so much :D
because they are adorable , 
beside they are adorable they edge too :D
awesome isn't it ? 
that's why i love them ..
*nb : btw , i have a lots of  lovely friend .
but my other friend can't come :(
 devinta, ela, fifi, karina, kania, nella, and me :) 
  me : blazer-retail theraphy, shirt-unbranded, skirt-pretty rown,shoes-mr abby
 karina: dress-unbranded, outer-unbranded,hat-bought on sby,shoes-mr.abby
 kania: white shirt-unbranded, shawl-unbranded,pants-unbranded, hat- bought on sby, docmart-ropechain shop
fifi : hat-online shop, shawl-unbranded, belt-ZARA, drees-bought on jogja, oxford shoes-mr.abby
 devinta: hat-ZARA, drees-unbranded, bag-bought on pasar besar, shoes-unbranded
 nella : red blazer- vonny twedes shop, tank-twoone shop, hat-online shop, pants-unbranded, shoes-mr.abby
ela :nmaxi drees-retail theraphy, hat-HARDWARE, bag-bought on pasar besar, shoes-garage shop

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love you :D

love, riestyaap

Thursday, March 24, 2011

red time :D

i love red :)
because red it's hot (?)
red always good for everyone :)

shirt-unbranded, blazer-unbranded, pants-bought on sby, shoes-mr.abby, bag-pretty rown, shawl-unbranded, belt-gunadi

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love you always,

love, riestyaap

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

edge rule

HERE I GO with my sister  :)

me : tank-unbranded, bag-unbranded, pleated skirt-lines, shoes-mr.abby
sist cici : shirt-ZARA,legging-unbranded, denim blazer-unbranded, bag-tee company, scarf-unbranded, docmart-garage shop.

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love, riestyaap

cute skirt :*

i know i'm late for post :(
because, this week i have exam, wish me luck guys :)

btw , i love this skirt :)
i bought on online shop :D
i love it, because the patern of the skirt like batik , i love it :)

tank top - unbranded,green outer-vonny tweedes shop, pattern skirt-lakisha shop, bag-planet surf, shoes-mr.abby

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love, riestyaap

Thursday, March 10, 2011


yeey,  my cloth from twoone shop is came :)
i love this cloth because it's unique :D

tank top-unbranded , outer-twoone shop, pants-unbranden,postman bag-kampus kecil, shoes-mr.abby, hat-bought in sby

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

l o v e :D

i love black and white ,
because it can match by any costume 
isn't ?

me : dress-online shop, belt-my mom stuff, stocking-my sister stuff, bag-unbranded. shoes- beverage
sist cici : tee - ZARA, pants-triangle shop, shoes-converse

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Monday, March 7, 2011

look's good

if you want to look's good..
you don't have too wear some things that too much on your outfit.
just simple but it make the other people happy to see your outfit :)

me : stripe dress-angela tan, stocking-my sister stuff, shoes-kulkith, bag-pretty rown, shaw;-bought in matos
sist cici : drees-hardwaree, studed bag- bought in pasar besar, grey shoes-marie claire,necklace-my sister stuff

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

lovely sunday :)

nice sunday all :)
how about you ?
hope you so .

me : shirt-my sister stuff, pants-fabolouss shop,bag-planet surf, ahoes-garage shop, bracelet-adorable store
sist cici : dress-unbranded, bag-bought in bandung,obi-my mom stuff, pump shoes-online shop.

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never regret it :)

well , today with my sister taking some shoot :)
btw in this photosession i wear shirt by daniel mananta ( DAMN i LOVE INDONESIA)
i love his product :)
you have to wear this product .
you'll never regret it :D

me : black hat - hardware, shirt-DAMN i love INDONESIA, short-minimetro shop, bag-marc jacob shoes-mr abby
sist cici : shirt- garage, robotic necklace- bought in jkt, pants-online shop, oxf shoes- mr.abby :D

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Friday, March 4, 2011

it's blue time :D

well guys , i present to you .
this is my sister and i .
her name is cici :)
she always accompany me   
it's a blue day as blue as the cloud (?).
i love blue by the way .

me : crop tshirt - bloopendorse, jegging- price, sneakers-converse, bag-price , owl necklace-my sister stuff
sist cici : blue dress - online shop, necklace-my sister stuff, studed bag- pasar besar, black shoes-mr abby

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


simple but i like it :)

white shirt- ZARA ,bag and green skirt-my sister stuff, belt-my mom stuff, necklace-my sister stuff, black lacey shoes- mr.abyy :)

wait for my new post guys :)

love it :D

you know why i love fashion ?
because fashion is try to found a new style :)
that's way i love fashion :D

crop t shirt- sweatbeast shop, black pant- in supermal, heels - garage store, bag- my sister stuff, rings - adorable store.

well hope you like :)
wait for my new post guys