Monday, February 28, 2011

it's denim day

you know the most comfort material is denim :)
i love denim .
denim can be match by any cloth :)

loose white shirt-my sister stuff , polkadot denim-LIES , denim bag- price, denim studed shoes-fairyberry

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

old shirt

my sister and i bought this shirt when i was in elementary school
actually it was my sister cloth :P
but my sister didn't like it, and then she gave it to me.
by the way this cloth can be crop shirt 
and it is comfort :)

rebel shirt- my sister stuff, studed bag- pasar besar, lacey shoes-mr. abby, pants- in supermal

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"there is no cosmetic for beauty like happiness"
                                                                                           lady marguaritte

Saturday, February 19, 2011

love my room :)

ahh, it suck my photo was blur :(
but i think still beautiful pict :)
btw, do you know where i take the picture is ?
it was in my room :)

painted shirt-my sister stuff, stripe legging-ZARA, studed bag-pasar besar, lacey shoes-mr abby, black hat- ZARA

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tutu :)

hey guys , i ordered on my mom tailor to make tutu skirt.
and my tutu skirt so beautiful 

stripe shirt-bableshu shop, tutu skirt- tailor's made, black and white shoes-mr.abby, white watch-from arab, white diamond- adorable store.

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qoutes this day

"the best way to pay for lovely moment is to enjoy it."
                                                                    by richard david

i heart pants

hey all, i know i'm sorry for late posting on my blog .
my pants is came i'm so happy and i love my pants
it so comfort by the way ..

black hat-ZARA ,shirt-heroine, pants-triangle shop, nike shoes-kaskus, bag -marc jacob ,diamond ring-adorable shop, bracelet-my sister stuff

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