Saturday, January 22, 2011

batik ..

we should keep batik for INDONESIA
because if we didn't keep batik MALINGSIA(malaysia) will admit batik for they country
it's suck you know :(
so , in this photo session for my blog i'm wearing BATIK ,
hope you like :)

all : batik- from my lovely mother , shoes-mr.abby
i hope that you still wear batik :)



hey this is i present to you, my sister and little sister :)
i love them so much
they all love fashion :)

me : black hat-ZARA ,tank-twoone shop, stripe cardy- hardware, mr.abby, bag-roxy
my little sister : all is her clothes except the bag is my :)
my sister : all is her clothes and the shoes made by mr abby

me : shirt-from my sister, green skirt and necklace -my sister's stuff, black and white-mr.abby
my sister : flower dress-betty la shop, mullbery-chic shop
my little sister : tank-twoone shop, skirt-her skirt , docmart : garage shop


my lacey shoes is come :)
from mr.abby.
i LOVE my shoes so much .
and this i present to you :D

i heart sunday :)

hey, today is sunday :)
do you know why i love s u n d a y ?
because in sunday we can do anything that we want :)
include fighting with my little sister -_________-
arrgh ,sometimes she makes me angry.
i really hate her .
now i'm happy because i can post in my blog :)