Saturday, December 18, 2010

s k i r t

never bored about SKIRT :)
because skirt it's make me look hot :P
*apaan sih , hahaha :P

black hat : ZARA
aple tee : my sister stuff
denim skirt : caeza castle
bag : marc by marc jacob
black banggles : my sister stuff 
white and black shoes : glorywasabi fashionbastard

white shirt : gunadi
red bag ribbon : inspired
moustache and glasses ring : adorable store two
moustache and glasses necklace : from mbak dedez :)
pleated skirt : lines

brown tee : tee company
skirt : lakisha shop
postman bag : my sister stuff
brown shoes : garage shop

what is you favorite ?
is this good or worse ?

wait my new post guys :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

d r e s s

grey dress : luna maya for hardware
black bracelet : matos
fan necklace : handmade by my sister :)
elizabeth and james wedges : glorywasabi fashionbastard

brown dress : angela tan
mulberry look a like : my sister stuff
watch necklace : in ITC
you know why i love DRESS ?
because , we do'nt need find the shirt or the other thing .
and dress is match for me :)
because dress make me look higher ..


Saturday, December 4, 2010

my h o b b y

besides fashion , i love editing some my picture ..

like this ? 
what do you think ?

h e a r t

there something in my heart there i want to tell you
but i don't know what is that ..

maybe there isn't someone in my heart ..
i want someone who can make me happy .
but who ?

now i' m feel so lone ..
it' s enough for waiting and pretend someone
i' m sick of all these ,
just tell me where are you ?